Workshops and Classes

We have many workshops for you to learn or carry out your skills. As a qualified tutor having worked professionally for many years as a designer of photography courses and well as delivering them while working at a Council Training Centre full time and now in classes for the community held at our local library. I have a vast knowledge not only in photography Lightroom and Photoshop but more importantly on how to deliver the knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. My teaching with Lichfield District Council helped them achieve an award for my classes as having maintained the highest retention of students over a 5 year period in UK training centres in a national competition run by BT for eTraining.

Our most popular workshops we run are the Harvest Mice Workshops. We have a large number of mice and a special setup with studio lighting to get natural looking images indoors, whilst in complete comfort and not having to depend on weather conditions. 

The majority of the training workshops we run have a maximum limit of one to two people. The reason for this is I feel it’s highly important that the person paying for a service gets the dedication and hands on help they deserve so that you get the full value of the experience. This also means we can run workshops at your convenience to suit the times and days you are available and the price is fixed for the workshop meaning that the charge covers up to 2 people, come along on your own if you want undivided attention, or bring along a friend to share the cost, save money and learn together. We are ready to undertake a workshop as soon as you arrange with us the training you want. A full list of courses can be seen below with details.

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Harvest Mice Workshop: Cost £60 for a max of 2 people (come with a friend and share the cost) 

2 Hours

Indoor shoot with professional lighting. Get natural looking images climbing corn, inside apples, climbing twigs and balancing flowers. You’ll get all the shots you want in the two hour span. You can also use our own camera and lenses if you wish from a range of top Canon models. Canon EOS R, 60D, 7D Mk2 or Canon 5D MK3. For those with mobility problems we have a stairlift installed for access to the studio if required.

Harvest Mice plus Geckos and Bearded Dragon: As above but priced at £80, max 2 people.

Macro Workshop: Cost £100 for a max of 2 people (come with a friend and share the cost) 4 - 5 Hours

Everything you need to know about macro photography including  equipment, lighting, standard macro work to getting beyond the 1:1 zone and getting extreme closeups, composition, techniques for different subjects, camera settings, shooting different subjects, overcoming depth of field, using depth of field creatively. Comes complete with access to download videos on what you have learnt and also how to edit your images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Available any time of the year it can be held inside or outdoors depending on the season and your mobility. At various times of the year we also have live insects to shoot such as Macleays Spectre Giant Spiny stick Insects and Leaf insects. Camera and lenses can be provided if you require them.

Landscape Workshops: Cost £120 each or £160 for 2 people. All day workshop with transport included starting from Norton Canes, Staffordshire to various locations to either the Peak District or Wales.

Composition, light, what to shoot at various times of the day, setting up the camera, different lenses for landscapes, filters and when to use them. Comes with a library of downloadable videos on how to edit your image in Photoshop and Lightroom after completion of the workshop.