‍About us…

‍Les Arnott 

‍I’m a Photographer, Photoshop and Lightroom tutor based at Norton Canes in Staffordshire, Great Britain.

‍My photography has featured worldwide in books, publications, magazines, advertising and websites. I have been a photographer since the age of 12 … that is over 47 years of experience and I’m still loving it.

‍I have worked as a photography and Adobe Photoshop tutor, both full-time professionally whilst working at a training centre for Lichfield District Council, where I designed and ran courses for Photography and Adobe Photoshop ranging from complete beginners to the advanced.

‍Currently we run professional services to the public to which a large percentage of the income goes into funding our much loved community class that is run weekly at our local Library, such is my passion to photography and teaching, along with the team, to give our knowledge to others. Our commitment in our work is to make working together fun, something which above all is our motivation to success whilst, at the same time, giving the very highest quality service to everything we undertake to the highest standard.

‍I use the highest quality Canon cameras and lenses to ensure you have the best quality image available, and we have a team of photographers in Naomi and Sally who are both highly skilled to assist or undertake projects. We have a small home studio which is also used to run photo workshops for Harvest mice, insects and reptiles.

‍My area of photography services range from photography workshops, wildlife images, portraits of people and pets, corporate and product images, properties and wedding photography. I have no specific photographic genre, being a photography tutor I feel a need to be skilful in all areas of photography and I have many years of experience in all regions and full confidence in my knowledge to undertake any project, along with the rest of the experienced team.

‍Together with Naomi Howe, a top photographer with many accolades and trophies to her name, Sally my wife, also a great photographer and expert in organisation, administration and qualified teacher, we are here to give you the very best experience for any of your photographic requirements at a very realistic price.

‍Naomi Howe

‍As a youngster I was given a camera and played with it as most do. I took snaps of day trips and holidays. It wasn’t until a friend I used to go walking and had days out with, who had studied photography at University and took forever to get around places as he was trying to get a shot, that I picked up a camera again. This was mostly to get snaps for my paper crafts and to make my scrap book images. I’ve always been interested in recording memories and capturing moments.

‍I am so glad I did pick up that camera; this led me to purchase my first ever “proper” camera with changeable lenses. After some time playing, I decided I wanted to learn how to control the camera myself and not rely on the camera to pick everything for me. I had a passion to learn and to create images. I had found what I was looking for and what I wanted to do.

‍This led to me starting my career development in photography. I started with a Diploma in photography online. I have since taken many online courses, talks, webinars and workshops as I love to learn new skills and keep on trend. Every day is a school day with me and my photography.

‍I have won awards through my previous time at a local Photographic Society as well as online photography awards. I have had images accepted in photography salons, as well as images used for commercial advertising purposes for products and wall art in local businesses.

‍I enjoy helping people and I find the tuition I do and the workshops are very rewarding. It’s a great feeling when you’re teaching and seeing peoples’ work improve and they understand their cameras more. Photography can be sociable and bring like-minded people together.

‍My passion lies with wedding photography. I love the buzz and pressure of weddings and capturing a couple’s special day. The wedding day passes so quickly for the couple. I love meeting clients before and after the day,

‍However my favourite part is when presenting their albums and seeing their reactions to their albums; when they see the candid shots they hadn’t seen of each other and their families on the day and bringing back happy memories.

‍My other favourite type of shoot is childhood milestones. From newborn, cake smashes, festive shoots, proms and graduation. This is because photography to me is recording a moment in time and enabling clients to have something to cherish and remember.

‍I love to work in print, so enjoy working on albums and wall art. So much of photography today is digital. I know so many people who have lost phones, tablets or computers and haven’t got images backed up and those memories have gone forever. I’ve always loved looking through family albums and old photographs and remembering special times.

‍I have passionate feelings towards dramatic photography, which is natural and tells a story. I adore working in black and white as well as monochrome for most of my work. I feel sometimes that colour distracts from the story.

‍I hope from reading this, that I, Les and Sally can be of assistance to you for your photography needs. I thank you for reading our biographies and viewing a small section of our work. We are a great team with a lot of experience, talent and most of all, great customer service.