Converting RAWs and Sharpening

The video below shows my most used methods for processing RAW images and sharpening using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It’s exceptionally useful when working with images such as birds and flowers for example that contain white areas that are easily blown when taking a photo. 

It shows how to recover the highlights adding detail to these areas and also my method of sharpening images. 

Something I omitted from the video at the end by accident …. or old age forgetfulness? was to mention before flattening the image after sharpening in Photoshop you could reduce the opacity of the layer to lessen the effect of the sharpening if you feel you have over cooked the sharpening process. That is the beauty of working with layers for the process of sharpening you have complete control over the effect before completing and flattening the layers.

© Les Arnott 2013